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How to create an SSID
Open 02:40 PM 11/04/2018
Giám sát một cách dễ dàng - Hướng dẫn theo dõi network từ Wisky cloud
Open 05:56 PM 30/03/2018

Bài viết này sẽ giải thích làm thế nào để giám sát AP của bạn bằng cách dùng “Wisky Cloud Managment”.

How to create an SSID
Open 04:17 PM 15/03/2018

1. How to add an SSID

The SSIDs can be added into your desired Network by clicking on Network name, then on WiFi SSID  tab and then "New WiFi SSID" button.
You can add as many SSIDs as you want in the Network, to a maximum of 8 SSIDs for each AP, and with one Captive portal for each AP.

Monitoring at a glance - How to get to and interpret monitoring from Tanaza cloud
Open 04:16 PM 15/03/2018

This document explains how to monitor your AP using Tanaza Cloud Managment.

How to add a Network
Open 04:15 PM 15/03/2018

In order to create a new network, follow these steps.

In the Tanaza Cloud Dashboard, click on the  “New Network” button.